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International Liaison:

Huada Daniel Ruan
Professor of Environmental Science
Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University,United International College


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2014 the 4th Shanghai International Conference
on Social Science

 September 13-15, 2014 in Shanghai, China

The 2014 SICSS is to offer scholars, professionals, academics and graduate students to present, share, and discuss their studies from various perspectives in the aspects of social sciences, including:

Communication, Culture, Economy, Education, Finance, Law, Management, Politics, Psychology, Society and so forth.  All theoretical, empirical and practical papers from scholars and professionals in the above fields are all highly welcome. The 2014 SICSS will be held during September 13-15,  2014 in Shanghai, China.

Latest News!

SICSS 2014 Conference program is available now!

Please find your presentation time from the above conference program. 

Should you have any inquiries, please contact the secretariat directly at sicss@shanghai-ic.org .
Kindly be noted that any modification regarding the scientific program should be sent to the
secretariat via email before August 18, 2014. SICSS 2014 Secretariat holds the right to return
any requests sent after the above deadline.

201409-Shanghai Conference Program.pdf

*Conference Excursion- Shanghai City Half Day Tour*

Shanghai, the beautiful dynamic city of China, is renowned for its enriched diverse cultures, histories, and commercial developments. We organize a special tour for our participants to experience the erect skyscrapers, bustling traffic, fast-paced lifestyle, and glamorous night activities continually draw people to this booming city. It is FREE for the conference participants; please contact the Conference Secretariat for reservation before August 27, 2014!


Time & Date: 15:30-19:30, September 14, 2014



Depart from the Conference Venue (The Qube Pudong)


Old Town Tour


Gala Dinner at Yushanghai


Night View at The Bund


Back to The Qube Pudong

*Special Room Rate Release: Please refer to Venue/Traffic for further information

Keynote Speech:

The Influence of Higher Education Institutions' Involvement in Social Networking on Teaching and Learning

Eun Jin Hwang

Associate Professor

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA


Eun Jin Hwang, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Fashion Merchandising Program in the Department of Health and Human Development at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D. is from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her research and teaching mainly concern fashion merchandising, strategic management with respect to textiles and apparel and the textile and apparel industry and trade.


Honorable Chair: Dr. Yong-Won Seo

Operations Management & Management Science

Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS), Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Yong-Won SEO is currently an Associate Professor of Operations Management & Management Science in Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS), located in Seoul, Korea. He received his B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. in Seoul National University. His major research areas include the Supply Chain Management and the Service Operations Management, with the analytical and the experimental methods. He is a board member of Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society(KORMS), Korean Production & Operations Management Society(KOPOMS), and Korean Society of Supply Chain Management(KSCM). In addition to the academic researches, he has been executing consulting projects on the public informatization policies and guidelines to the government and public agencies including Ministry of Security and Public Administration(MOSPA), Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning(MSIP), National Information Society Agency(NIA).

Important Dates
Submission Deadline May 31, 2014
20th July
Notification of Acceptance or Rejection June 16, 2014
Deadline for registration and final submission July 5, 2014
Conference Dates September 13-15, 2014


Publication Opportunities
All papers presented at SICSS 2014 will have opportunities to be recommended to publish special issues of certain journals which sponsor SICSS 2014:

(1) Advances in Economics and Business, ISSN: 2331-5059 (Print) 〡 2331-5075 (Online)
(2) International Journal of Psychology and Counseling (IJPC), ISSN: 2278-5833
(3) Asian Journal of Business and Management, ISSN: 2321-2802
(4) Linguistics and Literature Studies, ISSN: 2331-642X (Print) 〡 2331-6438 (Online)
(5) Human and Social Science Research (HSSR), ISSN: 2331-4974
(6) International Journal for Humanities & Social Sciences (IJHSS)
(7) International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice, ISSN: 2332-6832(Print) 〡 2332-6840 (Online)
International Review of Social Sciences (IRSS), ISSN: 2309-0081
International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IJHSS),ISSN: 2250-3226
IMPACT : International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences, ISSN: 2347-4580(Print) 〡2321-8851(Online)

Submission Methods:
All manuscripts, including abstracts and full papers, must be submitted via SICSS website: http://www.shanghai-ic.org/guide.asp

Contact Information:

The following topics, but not limited to, are strongly encouraged.



Communication Management
Language and Communication
Information Communication
Communication Arts
Education Communications and Technology


History and Geography
Literature and Poetry
Music and Art
Architecture African Studies
Religious studies
Museums & heritage


The overall economy and economic growth
Econometric models and test methods
The formation of human resources and market mechanisms
Economic theory and mathematical economy
The public economy and economy of public health
The environment, resources, and agricultural economy
International economy and industry
Economic analysis of family interactions


Psychology and Counseling
Adult and Continuing Education
Health Promotion and Health Education
Family Studies
Civic Education and Leadership
Special Education
Rehabilitation Counseling
Early Childhood Education
E-Learning Technology
Higher Education
Lifelong Learning,


Finance Engineering
Stock Market
Finance Management
Risk Management


Civil Law
Criminal Law
Public Law
Economic and Financial Law
Labor and Social Law
International Human Right Law
Legal History
Conflict of Laws
Copy Right Law
Climate Change Law


Business Administration
Inte, rna, tional Enterprise
Human resources
, Logistics
Supply Chain
Organizational Behavior
Information Management
Electronic Commerce
Industry Innovation
Corporate Governanc, e
Health Care Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
<, /TD>


Political Science
Public Administration and Policy
International Affairs and Strategic Studies
Gov, ernmental Systems & Practices
Politics and Et, , hics
Interna, tional Relations
Political Economy
Reforming and Consolidated
History of western , political t, hought
Western constitutional thought


General Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
School Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Health Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Personality and Social Psychology
Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy
Consulting Psychology


Social Research or Social Science
Social Policy and Social Legislation
Caring or Research for the Elderly
Social Psychology
Family Research
Child Research
Online Society or Online Community
Ethic in Society or online society
Globalization impacts
Technology or Criminology in Society or Online Society
Social Work in Modern Society



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